On 20 September 2012, The Honorable Judge Marvin Garbis of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland ruled that City Ordinance 10-306 - the pension law enacted by the Baltimore City Council and signed by the Mayor in July 2010 - is unconstitutional.  Although all parties expect an appeal to the United States Court of Appeals as well as other legal manuevering, this is a significant victory for the FOP as well as the Fire Unions.

What happened? 

o   We won the trial. 

o   Judge Garbis issued a 33 page decision on September 20th holding that the 2010 City pension statute replacing the variable benefit with a tiered COLA was not reasonable and necessary to serve an important public purpose.  Therefore, the Judge ruled that the statute is unconstitutional.

Does Judge Garbis’s decision affect the entire 2010 pension statute or just the variable benefit?

o   Yes, the Judge ruled that the substitution the City chose for the variable benefit is at the heart of the City’s 2010...